ThumbAd Partner Up to Scale Growth!

Thumbad Deliver Mobile Targeted & Local Ads in Real Time!

Oslo, Norway (March 12, 2013) – ThumbAd AS, announced signing an agreement to use the cXense award-winning technology for the next generation of Mobile advertising.Image

“This technology makes ThumbAd able to add real value to Publishers and Ad Agencies”, said Tor Olav Haugen, CEO of ThumbAd. “ThumbAd will be laser-focused on utilizing customer data as the key ingredient of each customer-facing activity regardless of platforms,” added Mr. Haugen.

Dr. John M. Lervik said that “It was a great honor to receive this award on behalf of the whole cXense team: A team dedicated to empower the world’s online publishers with best-of-breed technologies and a disruptive business model to maximize publisher revenue and customer satisfaction.”

The core cXense IP and ‘secret sauce’ lies in the Context Computing Platform™ (CCE™), where online semantic information and user transactions fuels adaptive models which optimize content relevance and maximize advertising efficiency.

About ThumbAd

ThumbAd is the owner of a successful and innovative Mobile Advertising Platform. The company monetizes, add value and deliver additional advertising revenue to Publishers, and offer a unique expertise for Advertisers in the Nordic´s. The Company delivers Better Mobile Click Through Rates by Contextual Relevancy and Real Time Targeting.
The company’s web site at contains additional information. ThumbAd has office in Oslo, Stockholm, Turku, Moscow and Irvine. For more information please

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Simply better digital advertising by Cross-device!

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