Mobile Outlook 2013

Mobile-first Will Be The Major Buzzword

The outlook for mobile advertising, marketing and media gets brighter by the year. Expect another stellar year as brands, retailers and agencies place marketing dollars where the eyeballs are: mobile – according to Mobile Marketer.

Thanks to innovation and technology, brand advertising dollars will stream into mobile. Furthermore, industry experts predict mobile advertising will break-free from tiny banners that are more often than not clicked by mistake to large beautiful ads in context. Mobile creative is not at its best. Marketers must first focus on what they are trying to achieve, make the creative as visually pleasing as possible and offer consumers a more interactive experience.

Coming from a situation where Q4-2012 was a record quarter, representing more than a two-times increase in impressions and revenue to publishers compared to any other quarter in 2012. This reflects the magnitude of marketing and advertising spend during this quarter, associated with the seasonal impact of holiday shopping, this according to Opera.

Average CTR by Country by Velti

Velti’s ‘State of Mobile Advertising 2012: Year in Review’ report delivers insight into trends in the mobile advertising market during 2012.

International mobile sales and mobile ad impressions continue to grow rapidly, especially in emerging economies, which also show the highest click-through rates (CTR). Among apps, games continue to lead all categories in both popularity and impressions served, though photography is growing quickly.

Berg Insight estimated that mobile ads and marketing comprised a €3.8 billion (U.S. $5 billion) market in 2011, dominated by Google’s AdMob and Apple’s iAd platforms. But Berg is predicting that numbers will grow by a factor of 5 into a €19.7 billion market in 2017. In the UK, the Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) said the sector grew by 132% to £181.5 million in the first half of 2012 to account for 7% of digital ad spend.

This trend is reflected in the activities of the market’s more forward-looking agencies, for example M&C Saatchi’s mobile division (from their trend and Insight report March 2013).


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