If Mobile Search is Great, Context is King!

Imagine Mrs Kaja planning her summer trip with her family. She wanna bring them abroad and need a flight, hotel and car rental. The family are looking for the best eatings and activities. Mrs Kaja start googling. She immediately acknowledge the need for more information to make the best out of it! Before she decides where to go and what to do, she starts browsing articles to learn from co-travellers, about the average temperature in the region, the culture, local currency, shopping and so forth.


Infographic_Mobile in the marketplaceMarketers strive to get Mrs Jones attention in this process. They wisely spend millions of dollars being there to make sure that she finds their offering. A recent survey conducted by Google and Nielsen had some interesting findings:

  • 73 percent of mobile searches trigger follow-up actions
  • 63 percent of mobile search-triggered actions occur within 1 hour of the initial search
  • 45 percent of mobile searches “are conducted to help make a decision” (in a store, that number goes up to 66 percent)
  • 28 percent of mobile searches result in conversions


Mrs Jones is looking for the best family experience ever! She is now browsing mobile sites to learn more. Now – marketeers would love to display their offering before she decides where to go, stay and consume. Mrs Jones is leaving behind digital footprints in each step, searching  and browsing. Real Time Contextual Targeting redefines how companies engage with Mrs Jones online.  Marketeers can now be able to understand both context and intent for online and mobile advertising, audience profiling, search, and analytics. Ads delivered to the audience they want and deserve”

Moments that matter!

ThumbAd connects brands with customers at moments that matter! They understand better than anyone what people want, and deliver contextual and networked monetization services with the most relevant user experience. The technology processes real time mobile data using an algorithm that considers details available. These details – including gender, age, behavioral characteristics, device, carrier, and location are considered in real-time.

“The momentum in online advertising and ecosystem is changing”, according to Tor Olav Haugen, co-founder and CEO in ThumbAd. “We will experience a giant leap in how online media is consumed and purchased, our task is to make ads relevant” – said Mr Haugen.

“Advertisers are welcome to place their advertising dollars in our network. The ThumbAd «always on» Advertising strategy wisely display Ads only when  consumer Search or Read about your services”, according to TR Sokki, Co-Founder VP Sales & Operations.

ThumbAd_Targeted Contextual Ads


ThumbAd is the owner of a successful and innovative Mobile Advertising Platform. The company monetizes, add value and deliver additional advertising revenue to Publishers, and offer a unique expertise for Advertisers in the Nordic´s. The Company delivers Better Mobile Click Through Rates by Contextual Relevancy and Real Time Targeting.
The company’s web site contains additional information. ThumbAd has office in Oslo, Stockholm, Turku, Moscow and Irvine. For more information please JoinUs@ThumbAd.com.

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