Mondez International goes Mobile!


In a bid which generated some excitement in the mobile marketing world, the $35Bn American food and beverage company Mondez International (formerly known as Kraft Foods Inc.), late last year revealed a plan to spend 10% of their global marketing budget on mobile.

American consumers spend more than 23% of their daily media consumption on a mobile device. Yet most marketers dedicate less than 1% of their media spend to mobile. Bonin Bough, vice president of global media and consumer engagement at Mondez International said.

“We believe that we can create the future in 90 days and if there’s one thing that we learned, is that pace is important. We do not have the ability to sit around and wait.” Bough said in reference to the company’s “Mobile Futures” contest which selected 9 technology startups out of 126 applications tasked with generating the most innovative mobile marketing applications for promotion of Mondez.

In a continuation of this new push for mobile, and as a clear demonstration of Mondez’ commitment to the new strategy, AdvertisingAge today reported that the company has concluded a significant new mobile media deal with Google covering 16 countries over a one-year period.

“We’ve been urging mobile readiness at Google for three-plus plus years, and this year has been the year where it seems like the light has gone off over most marketers’ heads,” Eileen Naughton, VP of global sales at Google, said in an interview.

It is estimated that 67% of the global population will have a mobile phone and nearly half of the population will have smartphones by 2016, and more traditional consumer goods companies are now starting to realize the immense marketing potential this transformation is creating.

“ThumbAd utilizes cutting-edge contextual targeting to provide our customers with truly personalized location-based advertising. We see an enormous increase in the awareness and interest in mobile advertising, and the developments on the international stage such as the new Mondez strategy will surely be replicated in the Scandinavian markets” said Carl Åhslund, co-founder of ThumbAd.

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