Luxury brands turn to Mobile – Consumers increasingly positive

ImageThe summer of 2013 is increasingly looking as a break-through period for the mobile advertising market, with increasingly sophisticated targeting methods and the warmer summer months meaning more people will be out of the house and relying on their mobile devices.

In particular, advanced geo-targeting technology and context-related advertising, although still in a relatively early stage, is gaining increasing attraction from advertisers. High-end luxury brands are one of the potential benefactors of these new advertising methods.

“This is the leading edge of advertising technology”, commented Dan Schwartz, cofounder and chief operating officer of RUN, New York, in a recent interview with Luxury Daily.

Luxury Daily continued to explain that high-end brands may have a special interest in highly targeted advertising as it enables them to bring relevant customers, who are already in the area, to their retail location, without using discounts or sales which risk diluting the brand.

A recent report released by InMobi, also revealed some exciting new data about consumer behavior and response to mobile marketing. In a their study, “Multi-Screening: The Who, What and When For Marketers”, which included over 15,000 mobile web users across 14 markets, close to 50% of the participants said that mobile impacted in-store purchase. This is a clear confirmation of the importance and influence of reaching customers at the right time and place.

The survey also revealed that:

  • 46% of consumers were influenced by mobile to buy via their devices
  • 67% said their mobile device gave them better options about a purchase, and 69% said their mobile helped them find something nearby.

In support of the idea that consumers are getting more used to exposure to advertising on their mobiles, as well as improvements in the way ads are presented and targeted, almost a third of the surveyed consumers expressed they were more comfortable with mobile ads and found them useful. This trend will bring new possibilities and incentives for marketers to connect mobile and other marketing channels in a bid to increase overall advertising efficiency.

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