Advertisers pay a premium for location-enabled ad impressions

According to a recent report from Business Insider, location-enabled ads see a lift in CPMs, or cost per thousand impressions. Data from several mobile ad networks and ad exchanges tell the same story!

Closer gives higher CTRThe possibilities for location-based services on mobile go beyond consumer-facing apps, it applies for mobile web as well. According to Tor Olav Haugen, co-founder of, their local advertising solution are regarded as one of many possible targeting facilities.  The advertiser can enable local features as a part of a premium reach strategy for both national and local advertisers. “Allowing our advertisers utilizing a mix in targeting and reach improves performance substantially”, according to Haugen. “We can clearly see that this strategy outperform competing services, most importantly it applies for both national and local advertisers!”

Key findings in the report;

  • Location-enabled mobile ads have generated excitement for their effectiveness and the impressive prices they command. Many mobile ad trading platforms are reporting triple-digit increases in location-enabled impressions.
  • Location-based features have turned out to be great for boosting engagement
  • Local data can connect hundreds of thousands of small and medium- sized businesses to the mobile economy, via mobile search and other strategies.

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