Raised $400,000 in Angel Funding

ThumbAd has raised $400,000 (May-13) to support growth in the Norwegian market, experiencing a 479% YoY growth in Mobile Advertising. The company is the owner of a successful and innovative Mobile Advertising Platform, and monetizes, adds value and delivers additional advertising revenue to Publishers, while offering a unique expertise for Advertisers in the Nordic’s.

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ThumbAd delivers better mobile Click-Through Rates by Contextual Relevancy and Real-Time Targeting, enabled by a solid partnership with cXense, a Red Herring Global Winner (2012). “Real time audience insight, targeting, and measurement play a key role in times where Mobile Ad Networks are squeezed by ad exchanges and programmatic buying systems” according to co-founder & CEO Tor Olav Haugen. “The way we add value to both publishers and advertisers is truly different and to the point, delivering a mix between display- and targeted ads”.

ThumbAd is currently in the market with a private offering Series A to support international expansion and growth, highlighting emerging markets. Technically and commercially the business is easily scalable, and has been proven as a preferred partner by both publishers and agencies in the Norwegian market.

The Nordic´s in a Nut-Shell

Entrepreneurial traditions 

  • Great test-bed when scaling proven successes to new markets
  • Successful international launches like Spotify & Skype
  • International publishers like Sanoma, Egmont, and Bonnier
  • International HQ´s of telecoms like Telenor and TeliaSonera

Huge Advertising Spending

  • The highest net ad spend per capita in the world
  • The Nordic’s is a large market and proportionally larger relative to its size
  • Facebook CPM Index 2012 Rank The Nordic´s On Top 5

Great Infrastructure

  • Unrivaled smartphone penetration
  • Broadband and internet access in nearly every home
  • Internet purchases by individuals index 155% compared with EU average


  • The 2012 Prosperity Index Rank The Nordic´s on Top 3
  • Average Income Is Approx. EURO 25,000
  • High Employment Rate

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