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Are You Set To Explore Mobile Advertising?

If you are set to explore mobile advertising delivered differently before turning into 2014, you´ll find the best team out there to support and help you out! 

2da4694According to Oliva Pollard, the new AdOps & Traffic Director in ThumbAd, they offer various forms of audience segmentation and targeting of advertising. All ranging from content targeting (e.g., based on a section of a news publication), device targeting, location, time-of-day, and other contexts of the users, to more advanced end-user-related aspects.

On top of this, advertisers also want to purchase advertising using different business models, ranging from the conventional fixed-price tenancy or sponsorship models, via impression-based (CPM) models, to more advanced performance-based (CPC and CPA) advertising models.

Even though ThumbAd currently only offers a CPM model, test-studies show amazing results once Pollard started tweaking the segments and targeting;

Improved Performance

ThumbAd recently moved into a awesome office in downtown Oslo. The word on the street says the coffee over there is great, and the company even better. It´s strongly recommended to drop by if you have the opportunity!

New ThumbAd offices in Oslo!

New ThumbAd offices in Oslo!

Feel free to reach out – you´ll find us in new offices in the heart of Oslo!