Reach more than 9.5 million unique Mobile users in Scandinavia!

ThumbAd announced today their offering to deliver more than 600,000,000 impressions within Scandinavia whereof 60% is Mobile and the rest Tablet´s to reach 9,500,000 unique users!

The ads can be geo targeted to reach 130 million impressions for Norway to reach 2 million unique users, 270 million impressions for Sweden to reach 4.5 million unique users and 200 million impressions for Denmark to reach 3 million unique users, on a monthly basis.

There are three main reasons why Advertisers want to work with ThumbAd:

  1. ThumbAd simplifies and improves the acquisition and placement of ads across networks.
  2. ThumbAd helps the advertiser find the desired user profile when it matters most.
  3. ThumbAd secures new insights on user profiles, experience and purpose that enable them to effectively optimize the campaign on a daily basis.

iStock_000011799040Medium_marketingAdvertisers are more likely to purchase ad slots when the advertisement will be shown to the right audience. To find that target market, you must create user profiles. User profiles are created by Advertisers placing ThumbAd’s script on their pages, and are a simple copy/paste task. The script allows creation and update user profiles in real-time whereof ThumbAd match these Advertiser profiles with similar user profiles found in the AdNetwork!

ThumbAd offers both Reach and Targeted advertising initially and optimize daily for performance. 

Their Reach CPM without any Targeting is NOK 55. When using  Targeting and optimization capabilities, the CPM starts at NOK 80. For each new Targeting Standard i.e. Keyword, adds another NOK 10 to the 80 CPM price.

What ThumbAd needs from the Advertisers in order to get started?
1. A budget you’d like to work with
2. The flight dates (minimum of 2 weeks to build solid user profiles)
3. Your campaign goals and objectives as well as any benchmark goals you’d like to hit.
4. Banner Ads

Get the most out of your marketing dollars and get going today!

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