Comforting mobile advertising outlook

ABG Sundal Collier increase their mobile advertising forecasts for 2014-2017 on the back of more optimistic view on the industry; they now expect 61% and 27% growth for 2014 and 2015, respectively. This follows the bullish forecasts for mobile advertising of late – a few days ago Gartner increased its ’17 forecast by 18%, giving them increased comfort.

Mobile advertising revenues up significantly
Gartner Group recently estimated that the global mobile advertising industry could reach revenues of USD 18bn in 2014 (+37% y-o-y from USD 13.1bn in 2013e). It also estimates 2013-17 CAGR of 34%, reaching USD 41.9bn in 2017. In its previous forecast, Gartner estimated that the market could be at USD 35.6bn in 2017, meaning it has increased its 2017 forecast by 18%.

INMA released its December stats for Norwegian ONLINE ad market: +21.2% yoy for brand advertising and online classifieds combined.

Brand advertising : up 24.6% yoy – spurred by strong mobile growth with was up 72% from December last year
Desktop brand advertising was up 12.2% yoy

Mobile advertising was 14.9% of total online brand advertising in Dec 2013, it was 10.72% of total brand advertising in Dec. 2012.
VG online benefits the most of the very strong mobile growth.


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