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The Power of Big Data for Delivery of Targeted Mobile Ads!

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Watch this 6-minute demo of how audience insight can be used to deliver the right ads to the right readers at the right time. ThumbAd being proud Cxense partner for Global Mobile Advertising – Acting Local!

ThumbAd Adds New Intelligent Tech Layer!

ThumbAd has launched their Tech upgrade adding an additional intelligent layer on top of their Big Data engine. This enables Advertisers to improve delivery on Mobile/Tablet, performing better than ever before. The average CTR´s in market is 0.1%, ThumbAd had proven an average on 0.7% so far. With the upgrade advertisers experience CTR numbers as high as 2%.

ThumbAd allows Advertisers and premium brands to leverage big data in order to buy audiences and drive efficiency through the use of algorithms and advanced targeting tools. The understanding of consumer behavior lies in big data, giving us the ability to reach the right people, at the right time, when it matters most.

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Still – don´t be mistaken by the fact that Reach is still an important part of the mix when publishing mobile ads. It´s by combining both Reach and Targeting that allows advertisers to tap into their true audiences. ThumbAd can reach across 10 million unique users within the Nordics and over 100 million unique users in more than 40 key markets.

Nor be mistaken by comparing ThumbAd with programmatic buying. The company has thoroughly positioned themselves to be complementary to mainstream RTBs through their unique reach and highly advanced targeting capabilities, thus enhancing campaign performance.

Agencies profit Big-Time!
Agencies profit big-time by allowing all their advertisers to take full advantage of ThumbAd´s platform. Performance improve by each new ad delivered. Advertiser data, being their proprietary property, is highly protected for their sole use. However – Agencies driving high volumes find huge improvements and new insights over time with ThumbAd!

We believe that understanding what people consume is key to understanding what their interests are. Our world-class linguistic processing platform has an extensive language breadth, is extensible and customizable, and provides cutting-edge text mining capabilities.

Extraordinary Insight
The data in the Extraordinary Insight Engine (EIE) can be retrieved, combined, sliced and diced in real time. Queries can concern content items or users, isolated items or aggregated views, structured or unstructured data, and complex ad hoc filters combining any data source can be defined. We believe these capabilities to be quite unique.

A user’s profile comprises a number of elements. Some data is static (e.g., gender), some data is dynamic but doesn’t change very fast (e.g., device or location information or general interests), whereas some data changes quite frequently (e.g., right now I just read about Jennifer Aniston’s latest movie.) As users interact with content, their interest profiles are adaptively updated by algorithms that take into account all pertinent information about the consumed content and how deeply it was consumed, and based on this computer models can predict various relevant user properties.

Algorithms are the audience!
With ThumbAd algorithms, advertisers can further their consumer engagement, bring back the human touch, and make sense of the chaos.

Available Mobile/Tablet Impressions Trending 2014

Traditional display media buying is terribly inefficient for both the buyer and the seller. Adding just one more line item (i.e., an Advertiser) to a media plan is still a big deal; 42 steps managed by a dozen pairs of hands, which takes the agency roughly 15 hours to execute on. ThumbAd makes this easier in a few clicks and improves advertising performance. ThumbAd is an independent mobile & tablet ad-network, utilizing unique Big Data  algorithm technology to deliver ads differently!

Within the mobile space we´ll typically find a leading local Publisher paving way, marking a clear #1 position. Number #2 Publisher and so forth seems to, illustrative enough, create a “long tail offering”. This makes the contenders more dependent on 3. party providers to keep up the pace on revenues and market share.

In the Norwegian marked, for example, TNS keep track on Norwegian Top 100 online traffic. The availability on impressions in the market is overwhelming. Rather than direct purchasing with single sites and/or publishers Agencies seems to preferably have AdNetworks and other 3. party providers to deliver impressions across multiple sites.

High-level market overview Norway as example – an Adform report indicates 3.65BN impressions/month being available across a handful of media-houses. Interestingly enough the appetite on consuming content from International Sites is high, and growing!

Available Impressions

High-level market overview in Norwegian market

The mobile market are facing problems whereof ThumbAd provides solutions:

Advertiser & Agency


The Problem
  1. Complicated and time consuming to purchase and place advertising across multiple sites
  2. Can not influence banner sizes and functionality
  3. Can not see a clear Return On Investment, incentivizes low payment
  4. Can not target their audience like they can do on PC
  1. Are not capitalizing on the market potential where 40% of the online traffic comes from mobile, hence 10% of the revenues
  2. Lower ad inventory (capacity) on mobile when comparing with PC
  3. Low price per impression, and declining (eCPM)
  4. Can not meet Advertisers/Agencies requirement to target audience on mobile, like PC
ThumbAd Solution
  1. Can publish ads from a single system to perpetual pages globally
  2. Allows the ad to follow the reader, rather that a fixed or random (“blind”) placements on single sites
  3. Building user-profiles for advertisers being a unique asset improving and adding advertiser value for each impression delivered
  4. ThumbAd use a frontrunner technology enabling real time rich targeting capabilities implemented by more than 15,000 sites globally by world leading publishers.
  1. Bridging the gap from day one by adding new advertisers requiring high volume/ reach across sites
  2. ThumbAd deliver ads smarter hence requiring less impressions to prove results due to targeting
  3. Price steps on targeting allows publisher to get a premium and substantial price improvement when comparing with market terms (+ 25-125%)
  4. ThumbAd adds a new advertising product to the market in which individual publishers cannot offer by themselves as standalone´s

a) Cross site advertising purchase

b) Rich targeting based upon user-profiles build by each and individual advertiser

a) + b) improves ROI and therefor eCPM