8 Reasons Why Targeted Campaigns Spell “SUPER ADS”

At ThumbAd, we take our Targeted campaigns to the next level by building and utilising audience profiles to deliver the best ads to relevant users, resulting in higher campaign performance. 

Don’t waste your marketing budget on free-flying ads across the internet!

CTR_ThumbAd_H1_14 copy

*Average CTR Norway on Mobile & Tablet is 0,1% (source; AdForm)

While understanding the uses of these common mobile KPIs is important, choosing which KPI goals to set is a task that needs to be tailored to your business. Set clear, measurable goals and reassess at specific intervals. Success requires sustained effort, so take it one step at a time.

Everyone knows it’s important to set KPIs for their mobile marketing, but where should you start? Even though Click Through Rates (CTR) is claimed to be a less important KPI, everything starts with a click. Other KPI´s like Cost Per Download (CPD), Click to Conversion Rate, Cost Per Visit (CPV), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and Lifetime Value (LTV) is determined by the greatness in creating ads and the user friendliness among others. 

1. Specific

  • Targeted campaigns are specific. You can find the exact target market you’re seeking for any given campaign based on your campaign’s objectives.

2. User-friendly

  • Consumers are more apt to “notice” ads that are suitable to them and their interests. Rather than being a nuisance, the ad is an aid.

3. Performance Enhancing

  • Campaign performance is better when running Targeted ads because they are “user-friendly.”

4. Efficiency

  • If you want to reach your ideal audience, why spend tons of money tossing advertisements around blindly when you can just add some specific targeting and find your ideal audience straight away?

5. Relevancy

  • Targeted ads are only shown to those users who are interested in the product.

6. Action-Packed

  • Ad interaction from users happens more often when the ad shown is relevant to their own interest profile.

7. Detailed

  • Targeted ads can be as detailed as needed in order to achieve overall campaign goals. Want to targeted a car ad to men ages 22-35, live in Oslo, have browsed cars recently online, and like sports? No problem…ThumbAd can help with that.

8. Satisfaction

  • Get satisfaction in knowing your ads are being shown to relevant viewers, when it matters most.

By taking the full advantage of Analysing online behaviour, based upon Big Data and Algoritms – ThumbAd help Advertisers succeed to Target their Audience in Real-Time! Feel free to reach out to learn more.

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