Performance Benchmark Mobile 2014

Adform recently released their Rich Media 1 HY 2014 Benchmark Report, in order to help agencies and marketers understand how their campaigns performed against those of their peers. Data for this report is derived from display campaigns executed on the Adform Platform from Europe and US. Data is covering the first and second quarter of 2014 all in all 210 billion impressions.

Adform_Benchmark Mobile

Adform_Benchmark Mobile

ThumbAd, an independent Mobile & Tablet Ad-Network, recently released their 1 HY Report. Their technology is based upon Big Data and Algorithms in order to identify and deliver impressions to Audiences to improve performance. The perspective and added advertiser value by using data to deliver ads becomes quite clear. The market average for mobile CTR, according to Adform, is 0,10% (Norway) ranging from 0,07% to 0,18% within 27 predefined categories.
Overall performance ThumbAd 0,45% vs industry benchmark 0,10% 4,5X improvement (avrg).
ThumbAd 1 HY2014_benchmark report

ThumbAd 1 HY2014_benchmark report

Targeting, combined with Reach is driving performance taking it to the next level!
ThumbAd case study June-2014

ThumbAd case study June-2014

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