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Local Publishers – Why Not Unite?

According to statistics from KIA-index (week 42-13), 22.5% of all page views now comes from Mobile. In Sweden, as elsewhere, monetizing mobile audience in an urgent matter to Publishers! The ThumbAd model is to sell available publisher inventory to advertisers seeking to target a broad audience across multiple sites. Why?

Source; KIA-index

Source; KIA-index on Mobile pageviews in Sweden

These are some of the problems Publishers are facing;

  1. Rough time monetizing on the current market situation where mobil traffic explodes. 25-30% of the traffic comes from mobile, hence 5-7% of the revenues
  2. Low/limited ad inventory (capacity) on mobile when comparing with PC
  3. Low price per impression (eCPM)
  4. Can not meet Advertisers/Agencies requirement to target audience on mobile, like PC

There are ​​some important lessons learned when dealing with Media Agency and Advertiser problems;

  1. Complicated and time consuming to purchase and place advertising across multiple sites
  2. Single Publisher sites often becomes to small in reach and volume/budgets
  3. Can not influence banner sizes and functionality
  4. Can not see a clear Return On Investment, incentivizes low payment
  5. Can not target their audience like they can do on PC

ThumbAd believes in combining Reach (short-term) & Targeting (long-term) for mobile campaigns. This allows media agencies to deliver high value for its advertisers and they are easily able to increase their budgets on mobile / tablet within the hour. ThumbAd adds value to Publishers due to new revenues delivered as a result of solving the above mentioned problems for Publishers and Advertisers!


Swedish market to illustrate Problems and Solutions!

To shortly summarize how ThumbAd solve these problems!

  1. Bridging the gap from day one matching advertiser and publisher expectations when requiring high volume, reach and real time targeting across multiple sites
  2. Delivering ads smarter, hence requiring less impressions to prove results due to targeting
  3. Price steps when advertiser select Targeting Ads allows publisher to get a premium and substantial lift in price points (eCPM) when comparing with market terms, hence advertiser can spend their marketing dollars more wisely to achieve ROI
  4. ThumbAd effectively introduce a new advertising product to the market in which individual publishers cannot offer by themselves as a standalone;
    • Cross site advertising purchase and publishing
    • Rich targeting capabilities based upon user-profiles
    • Combined this improves ROI and therefor eCPM

The market leader often becomes King in the local market. Also the big ones like Google & Facebook take their “fair share”, as it´s easy and straight forward to place ads the get reach within a high percentage in the population.

In order to truly become a credible option to the market leader and international players, Publishers should Unite by choosing a partner that can solve the problems; Today!

Are You Set To Explore Mobile Advertising?

If you are set to explore mobile advertising delivered differently before turning into 2014, you´ll find the best team out there to support and help you out! 

2da4694According to Oliva Pollard, the new AdOps & Traffic Director in ThumbAd, they offer various forms of audience segmentation and targeting of advertising. All ranging from content targeting (e.g., based on a section of a news publication), device targeting, location, time-of-day, and other contexts of the users, to more advanced end-user-related aspects.

On top of this, advertisers also want to purchase advertising using different business models, ranging from the conventional fixed-price tenancy or sponsorship models, via impression-based (CPM) models, to more advanced performance-based (CPC and CPA) advertising models.

Even though ThumbAd currently only offers a CPM model, test-studies show amazing results once Pollard started tweaking the segments and targeting;

Improved Performance

ThumbAd recently moved into a awesome office in downtown Oslo. The word on the street says the coffee over there is great, and the company even better. It´s strongly recommended to drop by if you have the opportunity!

Advertisers pay a premium for location-enabled ad impressions

According to a recent report from Business Insider, location-enabled ads see a lift in CPMs, or cost per thousand impressions. Data from several mobile ad networks and ad exchanges tell the same story!

Closer gives higher CTRThe possibilities for location-based services on mobile go beyond consumer-facing apps, it applies for mobile web as well. According to Tor Olav Haugen, co-founder of, their local advertising solution are regarded as one of many possible targeting facilities.  The advertiser can enable local features as a part of a premium reach strategy for both national and local advertisers. “Allowing our advertisers utilizing a mix in targeting and reach improves performance substantially”, according to Haugen. “We can clearly see that this strategy outperform competing services, most importantly it applies for both national and local advertisers!”

Key findings in the report;

  • Location-enabled mobile ads have generated excitement for their effectiveness and the impressive prices they command. Many mobile ad trading platforms are reporting triple-digit increases in location-enabled impressions.
  • Location-based features have turned out to be great for boosting engagement
  • Local data can connect hundreds of thousands of small and medium- sized businesses to the mobile economy, via mobile search and other strategies.